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Welcome Home

Hello friends! Welcome Home to my new website. My name is Sherry and I am The Homespun Wife. Perhaps you found me by chance or through YouTube or Facebook. But however you came, I am so glad you did.

When I think of home, I think of screen doors slamming as the kids run in and out to play. I think of pinto beans cooking on the stove and cornbread steaming hot right out of the oven. I think of the clothesline dancing in the wind, an open Bible on the kitchen table, and shoes set under the edge of the bed. Home means hanging baskets in summer and a warm fire in winter. Home is the very first place where we are welcome. It's the place where we build our first relationships and where we dare to have our biggest dreams. Home is where we can truly be ourselves and where we can work on being better today than we were yesterday. It's where we learn about life and love and the value of forgiveness. Home is the place where we can put down our cares and find comfort. Here, we are deeply accepted and valued. So Welcome Home Friends. Come on in and stay a while....

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