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We Don't Have To Fight

The world is angry. And it doesn't even know why! Yes, there are plenty of things people argue about...religion, politics, culture, tradition. Everyone has something to say but do we really have something worth hearing? I told my Sunday School class recently that at 55 years of age, I am finally learning an important truth: Just because the thought enters my mind doesn't mean it has to cross my lips! 1 Timothy 4: 7 says, "Don't waste your time arguing over foolish ideas...." Petty discussions and disagreements often do more harm than good and this Scripture reminds us that they are a waste of time.

What happens when we argue over things? 1. It takes our attention off important things in life. Let's face it: we only have so much mental focus. When we waste it arguing, something that God wants us to do will go undone.

2. It stirs up strife and contention, hurting our witness. When you are always disagreeable over silly things, people avoid you. Our goal is to be a good example of kindness and joy.

3. It discourages other believers. Have you ever seen Christians in an argument? I have...and its not pretty. Christians are to love, support, and pray for each other. We need each other for encouragement because life can be hard. Remember that your negative attitude hurts other believers who are depending on you. 4. It wears us out. Fighting is exhausting. You don't have the energy to waste. If you are tired, make sure you are not burning out on unimportant concerns. Remember friends, pick your battles wisely. The next time you are tempted to join in a deep discussion that is going nowhere, put your mind on the things above. Then you will be headed in the right direction!

(Painting by Claudia Tremblay)