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Three Steps To A Better Life

It all sounds very simple, like a fast-talking TV or Radio ad. "You, too, can have a better life with our wonderful 3 step kit!" Truth is, most of those ads are just full of empty promises. But the Bible is a book that stands true, age after age. When we look to God's Word, we can rest assured the advice given has been tested and will work.

Romans 12:12 says, "Rejoice in our confident hope, be patient in trouble, and keep on praying." These words written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Rome still have a powerful impact on our lives today.

First, we should always be placing our hope in Christ. When we have our foundation built on the solid rock, there is no wind that can assail to take us down. As wives and mothers, we must recognize our attitude and emotions set the tone for our homes and family life. There is an old saying that you have probably heard, "When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" Friends, we must make it our aim to bring joy into our households. When our hope is in Christ, then we are living our best life.

Second, we are to be patient in trouble. Notice the Scripture doesn't say, be patient if you should have trouble. No, the Lord told us that trouble will most certainly come to us all. Because we are human, we will face human challenges, even as Believers. But we aren't to moan and groan and be overcome. We are told in Scripture to be patient. Why? Because patience in the midst of our trials is doing a good work in our souls. God uses our trials to refine us so we can be light for his glory. So we should be patient while he is doing his work.

Third, we should keep on praying. Do not give up on prayer. Wives and mothers, keep praying for your husbands, your children, your homelife, and your community. There is power in prayer. The Lord is hearing your petitions and pleadings. Keep on doing what is right and there will be a reward for it.

Friends, what are two specific things you can start doing this weekend to bear out the truth in this verse out of Romans? I urge you to write them down in your daily planner or on a piece of paper that you place in your Bible. Refer to your goals often. God wants the very best for us. Its up to us to bring it home.

(Painting, "Waiting for Pappa," by Michael Dudash)